Includes paperbacks of both Safety Sucks!  & Obscured, both signed by Sam!  


Safety Sucks!: The Bull $H!# in the Safety Profession They Don’t Tell You About


"A thorough and needed rebuke of the modern safety profession." - Anonymous


"If you’re in a leadership role of any capacity, read this!" - Dan R.


"This should be a required read for anyone looking to start in the safety field! Just read it damnit!" Matt D.


Change is hard, I get it. But, we move beyond bad ideas by introducing better ideas. I truly believe that by continuing to have these “hard” conversations in an upfront, honest and fun way, we cultivate betterment. The safety profession has been stagnant for far too long. Safety folks are abused and misused, they’re often underpaid and overworked, they are undervalued and not appreciated, they find themselves being blamed and shamed when accidents occur, they are torn between the frontline and management, they have been forced to knowingly promote flawed, ineffective and disproven safety management systems – to preach from a bible in which they do not believe, and its time for all of that to change.


Obscured: The Pursuit of Radical Self-Acceptance


I am a proud and strong gay man! I am unapologetically me. I have an amazing partner, an awesome daughter, and I am blessed with a happy and beautiful life… now. This has not always been the case; life has not always been so picturesque. It has been a long and winding road to self-acceptance. Raised in the heart of rural Appalachia, being different was strongly discouraged; gay was not an option in this small religious mountain town. This path has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I was deeply closeted and depressed, I was filled with guilt and shame, and I felt that I could not be my true self. The world had me trapped and there was no way out. Something had to change! Something had to give! This is the story of my pursuit of radical self-acceptance.

Signed Book Combo Pack