Introduction to HOP – This high-level introductory course covers broad HOP topics and principles

HOP Fundamentals – This is the recommended starting point for your HOP journey.  This course is designed to teach the core principles, basis, and application of human and organizational performance.

HOP Implementation – This course takes a dive into various implementation strategies of Human and Organizational Performance within organizations.   

Basics of Accident Investigations – This “nuts & bolts” course dives in the basics concepts and skills needed to conduct quality post-event investigations. 

The Anatomy of Failure & Understanding Human Error – Targeting individuals that are tasked with investigations, this course take a deep dive into understanding human error and how failure actually occurs. 

HOP Accountability and Complete “Just” Culture – Targeting leaders of all levels, this course explores how accountability is viewed through the lens of HOP.  It also explores the concepts of restorative and retributive just cultures and how the complete system functions to support the New View of Safety. 

Leader Skills and Culture Building – This course is aimed at leaders and above and provides targeted training to help them strengthen their interpersonal and leadership skills. 

Facilitating Learning Teams – Aimed at those that will be facilitating learning teams, this course digs into how to successfully facilitate learning teams and how to capture actions stemming from learning teams while including tools and tips for success.